Alessandro Storer

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Head of Diversity & Inclusion Award

Alex Storer

Alessandro serves as a vital ally, advocate, advisor, coach, and innovator at OVO. Alessandro played a pivotal role in launching OVO’s Belonging Strategy and establishing eight self-sustaining network groups covering Age, Disability, Race, LGBT, Mental Health, and Neurodiversity, all with senior level sponsorship. Furthermore, Alex successfully delivered OVO’s inaugural externally published Belonging Report created a robust ‘Belonging’ E-Learning module, and designed a reverse mentoring programme, enabling OVO’s C-Suite to gain direct insights from colleagues of LGBT+ or ethnic minority backgrounds. He championed the #MenopauseMatters campaign, introducing Menopause Cafes throughout the organisation, and implemented pronouns, preferred names, and name pronunciation in their people systems. These initiatives have visibly enhanced the sense of belonging among OVO’s workforce. Alex has dedicated his whole life to creating a world where everyone truly belongs.