Alexis Curtis-Harris


Penna | Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Since Alexis joined Penna in 2014, her journey has been deeply rooted in bridging the gap between organisations and the untapped talent often overlooked. As the Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI), her role transcends mere responsibilities—it embodies a mission that she holds dear. Alexis’s approach to EDI goes beyond traditional boundaries. She’s championed a shift from seeking culture ‘fit’ to valuing culture ‘add,’ advocating for the inclusion of diverse perspectives, experiences and identities that enrich workplace environments.


Her involvement as a judge on panels for prestigious awards like the ‘Women in Tech awards, ‘RAD awards’, ‘UK Top 50 Inclusive Employers’ and the ‘Inclusive Awards’ speaks volumes about her commitment to the cause. It’s an opportunity that has allowed Alexis to witness first-hand the remarkable initiatives aimed at promoting inclusion. Moreover, she has recently been shortlisted for ‘Head of Diversity of the Year’ at the 2024 British Diversity Awards and the 2024 Diva Awards which is a testament to her impactful work.