Andy Briggs MBE

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Chief Executive of The Year Award

Andy Briggs

Growing up in a working-class area, Andy noticed the vast inequalities that surrounded him and his community. After battling his way into a role in insurance, Andy then progressed to the position of CEO in 2019. Andy has used his leadership to pave the way for inclusivity and diversity through multiple initiatives. All aspects of diversity have been taken into consideration with intersectionality in mind. However, Andy has focused on an area of D+I that can sometimes get overlooked, Age. Andy’s initiatives helped to persuade businesses to invest in mid-life upskilling and supporting age-inclusive workplaces. Moreover, Andy established Phoenix Insights, a new platform dedicated to pioneering research to explore areas of D+I. The research has delivered ground-breaking findings and has influenced Government at the highest levels. Andy’s impactful work does not stop there, as he has set out multiple initiatives for the future to improve diversity.