AXS Passport by Diversity and Ability

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
D&I Tech Initiative Award

Diversity & Ability

AXS Passport is a digital accessibility tool that is transforming how we approach reasonable adjustments in the workplace and beyond. Through its innovative features and user-centric approach, AXS has become a game-changer for its users, whether they identify as disabled and/or neurodiverse or not. Traditional accessibility passports have limitations, hindering their effectiveness. AXS Passport addresses these limitations through its digital nature, enabling users to share and update reasonable adjustments and accessibility requirements seamlessly via iOS and Android apps or the website. This dynamic approach allows users to keep their accessibility requirements and reasonable adjustments up-to-date, ensuring better support throughout their journey in education and beyond. AXS is continuously evolving, ensuring that it remains inclusive and user-centric. There are currently 1351 users sharing 3914 access requirements.