Capital One & National Numeracy

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Social Mobility Project Award

Capital One

Capital One has always been a pioneer in addressing issues of the skills needed to lead a successful financial future. In the UK, a staggering 57% of adults have the numeracy level expected of a primary school child, and these low-level number skills can contribute to financial exclusion, lead to more limited employment prospects, and affect educational attainment. Joining forces with National Numeracy – the UK’s only organisation with an aim to improve number confidence and skills to help unlock opportunities – the partners worked together to make a change. Key initiatives included a primary school programme supporting positive attitudes towards numbers and maths in children, and a confidence-building parental engagement programme. The partnership has yielded tremendous results, for example, 38% of people improved their number confidence and over 70% of respondents demonstrably improved their number skills.