Chanelle Gray

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Head of Diversity & Inclusion Award


Chanelle Gray is an exemplary Head of Diversity & Inclusion with over 13 years of experience. Transitioning from the public sector to the property industry, Chanelle has earned industry-wide trust and reliance for her skills, passion, and expertise in advancing the D&I agenda at Savills. Chanelle played a pivotal role in formulating the company‚Äôs inaugural D&I strategy, driving efforts to attract, retain, and develop a diverse talent pool. She introduced Inclusion Allies, fostering a workplace culture where employees comprehend privilege, receiving training on addressing inappropriate behaviour. To date, she has inspired over 1,000 volunteers to engage, with 300 successfully completing the course. Beyond her professional career, Chanelle selflessly served as a Board Trustee for the Shaw Trust, dedicating her spare time to support individuals facing disadvantages. Her unwavering commitment makes her an influential force in the realm of D&I.