Jiten Patel

Jiten PatelDirector | Diversync

I am very passionate about Inclusion; it moves organisations from simply having workforce diversity to creating a highly performing teams, where each can feel that they belong.

My journey into equality, diversity and inclusion began when I was recruited, following the passing of the, then, Disability Discrimination Act, to make HSBC Bank accessible.

As I deepened my understanding it became apparent to me that it takes more than just a diverse workforce to be able to realize the inherent benefits. The key lies in Consciously Inclusive Leadership

Jiten is a recognised Conscious Inclusion thought leader, an award-winning Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion strategist and practitioner, a blogger about maximising Inclusion through diversity. He has developed specific expertise in the fields of Consciously Inclusive Leadership, race and anti-racism, cognitive biases and microaggressions, stereotype threat, structural privilege, consciously inclusive strategic planning, and operational implementation.

He is a published author. Demystifying Diversity went into a second edition in July 2020. Two more books are currently underway. He set up his own EDI Consultancy in 2001 through which he has worked within a broad range of sectors and with clients of all sizes, multinational companies, government, emergency services and higher education sectors, through to small local charities.

Jiten is currently focused on:

Being coach and mentor to I&D practitioners and authors; Inclusive leadership coaching for CEOs, boards, senior leaders and anti-racism training; Research into the barriers to career progression for ethnic minority staff and listening sessions/reporting in response to BLM protests; Design and delivery of highly successful positive action programmes and inclusion reviews and audits.

Previous experience:

Jiten started out in Financial Services where he worked in commercial banking, international trade finance, corporate relationship management, treasury operations, project management and finally in Equality and Diversity. Working as an independent consultant, Jiten has undertaken a range of projects including sourcing diverse talent pipelines, leading strategic interventions, and other Inclusion related research.