OVO Believe

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Outstanding Diversity Network Award


The OVO Believe Network’s purpose is to make sure all religions and beliefs are represented, respected and celebrated. They work hard to create an open environment where everyone can learn about, embrace and celebrate each other’s cultures, beliefs and customs. Working to raise awareness, provide education and support, and make sure colleagues have the right practices and policies in place. They work intersectionality to ensure that all other Belonging networks are represented, as such they have arranged a learning session on domestic abuse by the Asian Women’s Refuge Centre and a talk from Hidayah for Pride. The network helped deliver bespoke in-person and online training to OVO’s people on the importance of recognising and celebrating faiths in the workplace and were highly involved in arranging a Faith and Believe meeting hosted at No10 Downing Street, and delivering the first UK summit for organisations this year.