Reach plc D&I Team

2022 Shortlisted Nominee
Diversity Teams Award

Reach plc has a dedicated D&I team who have delivered foundational change across the whole of the business. The team has worked together to develop an inclusion framework, its pillars, its action plans, and ensured colleagues are engaged with D&I. They have regular touchpoints with internal and external stakeholders, and over the last 12 months have established strategic relationships with a number of credible, nationally leading partners to support their strategy and plans. In addition to the creation of 7 inclusion networks, the team has built an army of champions by an incredibly effective internal communications campaign. Reach now has over 218 inclusion champions, who are trained in bringing inclusion to life locally. The D&I team also delivered ‘BE Counted’ the data collection campaign capturing 85% of employees’ data and the ‘Big OutReach’ connecting colleagues to local schools and introducing pupils to publishing.