TalkTalk Women in Tech

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Outstanding Diversity Network Award


TalkTalk’s internal Women in Tech network is a safe and supportive space for all colleagues at all levels. The community’s mission is to support everyone – through networking, allyship, or empowering peers to progress through their career. Inclusion and influence are central to the internal network, encouraging confidence in the wider tech industry and beyond. The network’s vision is to continue on the journey of achieving an inclusive sector – with complete gender parity. Its supporting committee works to represent different areas from across the business at TalkTalk and there are lots of ways that they do this. This includes sharing podcast episodes and literature, organising internal events for all employees and playing a key part in the execution of TalkTalk’s own North West Women in Tech Awards – bringing together the wider community across the North West for a shared goal and continued conversation.