The Oxa Neuro and Physical Diversity Voice Group

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Outstanding Diversity Network Award


The Oxa Neuro and Physical Diversity Voice Group have delivered outstanding initiatives over the last year. In particular the work that was completed focused on World Suicide Prevention Day in September last year. Oxa’s team members joined together to learn from each other, external speakers and internal voice group participants in a series of events including a ‘Creating Hope Through Action’ walk, and a Lunch and Learn where anonymised stories from Oxbots were shared. Oxa’s qualified Mental Health First Aiders team shared the ways we can spot sadness, depression or suicidal tendencies in ourselves, family members and co-workers, as well as sharing coping strategies in line with feeling of loneliness, isolation or sadness. The voice group drove policy change around mental health within Oxa and helped deliver a painting lunch on site which produced “we stand together” artwork.