University of Sunderland – Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Staff Networks

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Outstanding Diversity Network Award

University of Sunderland

The Staff Networks have been integral to galvanising change. Initiatives have been taken to influence university executives, encouraging positive action and leading to real-life differences in staff experiences. While being a parent is not a protected characteristic, the University of Sunderland appreciate that staff who are parents face challenges and want to establish a sense of belonging and community at work. The Family Network provides a nurturing community for working parents, providing a safe space for connection and support. They worked hard to encourage the university to introduce neo-natal leave, which resulted in being awarded the Employer with a Heart charter mark. Their mission is to advocate for institutional improvements and foster a caring and inclusive workplace culture. There has been a substantial amount of time, effort, and commitment made by members to push each agenda and shift university culture to be more inclusive.