UK Power Networks EMPower Community

2022 Shortlisted Nominee
Outstanding Diversity Network Award

EMPower Community was launched on the day of the National inclusive week as part of electricity distribution company UK Power Networks in 2018. The goal of the community is to unite all UK Power Networks employees nationwide in order to inspire them to recognise the advantages of embracing D&I and to give them a voice. In less than 4 years since its founding, the community has increased its membership more than 7 times to 315 members, celebrated 17 EMPower events, such as Pride Month, Black History Month, National Inclusive Week, and International Women’s Day celebrations, and sponsored Women’s Utilities Network, which provides women with a customised mentoring service. With 86% of members agreeing that the community helps UK Power Networks to accelerate equality and inclusion, the community is set for success in improving D&I prospects in their organisation and setting a good example for others.